4e Année

Bienvenue en 4e année! Je suis tellement excitée de passer l’année avec vous tous et de vous amuser ensemble!

If you are parent of a student who is in 4th grade, this page is where you can find more information on what exactly it is that we will be working on together this year. As the year progresses, I will be posting links to the assignments and projects that we are working on, so that you can stay informed and in the loop! For the time being, I have outlined what our “Year At A Glance” looks like. These are the goals that we will be working on each month, in accordance with the Ontario FSL Curriculum. If you have read my “Welcome Letter” that was sent home, then you know that a huge part of my teaching philosophy involves students being a leader in their own learning. What this means for our class is that over the next few weeks, we will be working together to develop “year goals”. We will create class goals that we as Grade 4’s want to work together towards achieving, while also developing personal goals that we want to work on individually throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

September & October:

“Les Attentes” (Our Expectations) here.

“Le Projet d’un Mot” (The One Word Project).

“Puis Je” (Can I..)

“Je Me Presente” (Introduce myself)


November & December:

“Je Me Presente” (Introduce myself)

“Avoir et Être”

“Le Corps” (The Body)

“Activités de vacances d’hiver”


January & February:

“Je te présente”

Les verbes:

“Survival Phrases”

“Les Vêtements” (Clothes)

“Les Sports” (Sports)

“Les articles définis et indéfinis” et “Les Noms: Masculin et Féminin”

March & April:

“Les articles définis et indéfinis” et “Les Noms: Masculin et Féminin”

“Le verbe Être” (the verb “to be”)

“Ma Famille” (My family)

“La Nourriture” (Food)

“Genius Project”

May & June:

“Genius Project”

“Je Me Presente” (Introducing me)