Just Checking In!

Bonjour à tous! Cela fait un peu depuis que j’ai posté un blog, mais j’ai mis à jour la page de chaque note.

Hi everyone! It has been a bit of time since I last published a blog post, but I have been updating each grade’s individual page. Don’t forget, I try my best to keep each grade’s page updated with what we are currently working on, the assignments (pdf’s so that if your child has lost their copy or forgot it at school, they can get it at home), rubrics, vocabulary and helpful handouts.

As you know, progress reports went home last week. Make sure that if your child has not returned their blue interview slip, that they do so ASAP. Whether you would like to sign up for an interview or not, that blue slip (along with the report card envelope and the white slip) need to be signed and returned ASAP!. Interviews are taking place next Thursday evening and Friday morning.

We have been pretty busy in the French world, so here are just some snapshots of our learning along the way! Talk soon!

Le Projet d’un Mot

Bonjour les parents, les familles et les étudiants! Désolé d’avoir manqué mon entrée normale le vendredi, mais la météo a causé des problèmes!

Hi parents, families and students. I am sorry for missing my regular Friday post, but the weather caused some problems. First and foremost, I am relieved to hear that everyone is safe. I repeat what Manordale tweeted: Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 2.15.05 PM

On a lighter and more positive note, as promised, I have a completed look of our Project d’un Mot! If you managed to make it out to our Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday, you might have seen your child’s work in person. I am incredibly proud of all of my students and cannot wait to see them work towards each of their goals throughout this school year.


Be sure to check your child’s specific grade page later this week to see the updated plans for the year 🙂


Travailler Dur et O Canada!

Another week has flown by and we have completed our first full week of school at Manordale! Just like last week, my students continue to amaze me and get me excited for the year ahead. Students are getting more comfortable with our school day routine and classroom expectations. Once again, I would encourage you to go over “Les Attentes” with your child this weekend just to ensure that they truly understand what is expected of them :).

This week we continued to work on our “Project d’un Mot”. Last week, students had to pick a goal for the year, something that they would work towards throughout the year. Once they had picked their goal, they needed to select a word that would sum up that goal. Then, they were to draw 4 pictures that could represent this goal. This week, we moved on to the written portion of the project. We discussed the importance of having steps on how we to achieve our goal. We related it to the concept of driving somewhere; when you are driving somewhere new, you don’t just get in your car and hope you will arrive. Instead, you look up directions so that you will be more successful on your drive there. Students had to think about 3 ways that they would achieve their goals, or reasons why it is important to work towards that goal. Look below to see if can spot your child’s work!

Lastly, the Grade 3’s and I have started working on singing “O Canada” en Français. I have added some videos below of us having some fun while we learn!

Notre Première Semaine!

Wow! I cannot believe that we are already finished our first week of the school year! I have had so much fun getting to know each of my students and beginning to learn their names (all 136 of them!). It has been wonderful learning about each of their unique personalities, their interests and what they are looking forward to doing this year.

As mentioned in the outline for September, we began our week by familiarizing ourselves with “Les Attentes de Mlle. Lyons” (The Expectation of Mlle. Lyons). With their homeroom teacher students discussed the rules of the classroom and the school, while also learning and understanding the expectations that I have for them during our 40 minutes together each day. I have attached a copy of “Les Attentes” here (if you scroll to the bottom of the document, I have also provided the expectations in English). If you have a chance, it might be helpful to ask your child what each of their teachers expect of them while they are learning and at school.

Also mentioned in the outline for September, we began working on “Le Projet d’un Mot” (The One Word Project). As discussed in my introduction letter, it is important to me and my teaching philosophy that my students think, set and work towards individual goals throughout the school year. This helps students build resilience, leadership qualities and accountability. By establishing goals for the year, students are taking an active role in their learning and their personal growth. As a class we came up with different goals that students might have for themselves for the school year. We then brainstormed words that could represent these goals (actif, positif, ami, gentil etc.,). Students then each picked what their word for the year will be. Students are tasked with creating a small art project where they creatively write their word and then find different ways to represent their word, through images (ex. gentil- image of someone holding a door, examples of kind words etc.)

While students are working on these projects, I have recorded what their word and goal is for the year in order to check in with them later in the year!

We will continue to work on the art portion of this project when we head into the new week and the grade 4-6 will also be adding a written component to this project as well. Take a look below at some of the ideas that students came up with together! I can’t wait to see their finished projects next week!

Passer un week-end fantastique!

Mlle. Lyons

Sunflowers, Blow Paint & Bugs- Oh My!

We had a crazy week! And by crazy, I mean busy. Jump Rope for Heart, Jumbo Sale and lots of new activities, the students were so busy! As reported last week, on Friday we planted our sunflower seeds so we were excited to check out their progress when we got back to school on Monday. Students worked hard throughout the week recording their observations, watering them daily and comparing each plant’s progress to others.


With plants comes….. Bugs! We have started exploring the functions and jobs of different bugs. We read a fun story about ants, watched videos and learned all about an array of different backyard critters. We compared which kinds of bugs had similar jobs and family make up.

Keeping our bug theme going we made…. Ladybugs! This craft required a black marker, red paint, googley eyes, red construction paper and glue!


After we created our lady bugs, the students participated in a fun STEM activity. Miss. Lyons explained to the class that the lady bugs were sad that they didn’t had a bed to sleep in at night. So all students were given a cup or bowl of a differing size and 3 different sets of materials. Using these materials, students had to make the ladybug sit on top of cup (not turning the cup over) using the materials. Once they successfully built their first bed, Miss. Lyons began giving them challenges: “use only paper”, “use only pipecleaners” etc., It was so fun to watch how each student interpreted this challenge and all of their different creations!

Lastly, with having such amazing weather to finish off our week, we took to the outdoors to participate in some fun blow paint art! Their art work turned out amazingly!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

We had such a great day today! It was the most beautiful weather this morning so we definitely took advantage of it! We began our day by going on a nature scavenger hunt. Students were divided up into 7 teams and given a carton filled with objects found in our field. As a team, students had to go and find the same objects and add them to the their cartons. Students worked very hard & well together and loved getting to explore their playground. Miss. Lyons just wishes that she had remembered to take her allergy medicine this morning…. there was A LOT of sneezing!

Once we found all of our objects we headed back into the classroom to investigate, observe and talk about our discoveries. Here, we talked about what each item was (in French and English), we talked about their descriptive features (hard, soft, small, prickly etc.,). Then, we started to compare some of the SAME objects; this encouraged us to practice our math language! “Ce rocher est plus gros que ce rocher.”, “Cette roche est plus petite que cette roche”. We also worked on ordering our items from smallest to biggest!

We didn’t stop there! We then used our findings to make art! We squished our weeds, dandelions, wood etc, to use their natural ink to make unique pieces of art! These amazing art creations will be going up on display on our bulletin board outside our classroom tomorrow! Can you believe all of this learning came from a simple nature scavenger hunt?! Science, math, art- oh my!

We certainly had a fun filled and busy day! There is so much learning happening and investigations underway. We can’t wait for tomorrow to keep growing our brains!

Flowers in KJSC

Hi there!

If this is your first time stopping by here, I am going to guess that you are following along because I am now your child’s Kindergarten teacher! Myself and the school sent home a newsletter yesterday offering a little insight as to who I am, my background, how to contact me and my teaching philosophy. As mentioned in my newsletter, I will be updating this space with our activities and what we are getting up to throughout the week, regularly. So, if you’re keen to know what your little munchkins are spending their days doing, check in here!

With the beautiful weather welcoming us, we decided that we should bring that into our classroom! We now have our own flower shop up and running where we can explore different kinds of flowers, sort and count different variations and exercise our bouquet designing skills!

Our centres are also beginning to reflect these interests! From writing to math, from painting to science, we have some pretty fun activities up our sleeves! We are going to be exploring the outdoors; how do plants grow? what kinds of bugs and insects are in our environment? Tomorrow we will be going on a nature scavenger hunt in our big field and later in the week we will be planting our own sunflowers! We will watch our sunflowers grow, observe, notice and record their changes and then bring them home at the end of the year!

I have included some of our Design plans that we have created so far! Students chose if they wanted to design a bouquet, yard, vase or garden. I love seeing how each child sees their bouquet/yard/vase/garden and how they are so different from their peers! Do you see your little one’s artwork? Check back soon for more fun!