Bon Retour!

**this is an entry published on the app Bloomz that a few of us teachers use! Please click the link and type in my name- Melissa Lyons to join your child’s class!

… and just like that March break has come and gone! I spent the week back home in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, visiting my sweet little 7 month old niece, along with my family! It is crazy to think that March break was our last big pause before the end of the school year… Where has time gone!? I am really looking forward to getting back with all of the kiddos and making the most of these 3.5 months.

Coming back from the break, I am going to try something new. As mentioned in the first week of school, I do regularly update my teaching blog ( with all of the resources that we are using in class. Each grade is organized into months and below each month you can find the topics we are exploring, along with almost all of the resources that the students need and are using. However, I am going to try to post a week at a glance on this platform. My intention is to ensure that parents and guardians are having access and understanding as to what their child is doing throughout the week. I want to stress that this is just what I anticipate the week ahead looking like. The reality is that we might end up moving quicker along some weeks, while other weeks we might progress more slowly. It is my hope that this will strengthen our teacher-guardian relationship, while also holding each student accountable for their work and it can also help spark some more detailed dinner table conversations 😛

This week, students will be getting their quizzes returned to them, which they wrote on the Friday before the break. If a student was absent, they will be writing it this week. We will be going over the quizzes as a class before continuing on. I will be asking some students to bring their marked quizzes home to be signed by their guardian. This week, we will continue to be working on learning the concepts of masculine and feminine nouns, definite and indefinite articles and the verb “être” (all concepts that were tested on their quiz). Please see the attached file for a more detailed look at the week!