Travailler Dur et O Canada!

Another week has flown by and we have completed our first full week of school at Manordale! Just like last week, my students continue to amaze me and get me excited for the year ahead. Students are getting more comfortable with our school day routine and classroom expectations. Once again, I would encourage you to go over “Les Attentes” with your child this weekend just to ensure that they truly understand what is expected of them :).

This week we continued to work on our “Project d’un Mot”. Last week, students had to pick a goal for the year, something that they would work towards throughout the year. Once they had picked their goal, they needed to select a word that would sum up that goal. Then, they were to draw 4 pictures that could represent this goal. This week, we moved on to the written portion of the project. We discussed the importance of having steps on how we to achieve our goal. We related it to the concept of driving somewhere; when you are driving somewhere new, you don’t just get in your car and hope you will arrive. Instead, you look up directions so that you will be more successful on your drive there. Students had to think about 3 ways that they would achieve their goals, or reasons why it is important to work towards that goal. Look below to see if can spot your child’s work!

Lastly, the Grade 3’s and I have started working on singing “O Canada” en Français. I have added some videos below of us having some fun while we learn!

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