Notre Première Semaine!

Wow! I cannot believe that we are already finished our first week of the school year! I have had so much fun getting to know each of my students and beginning to learn their names (all 136 of them!). It has been wonderful learning about each of their unique personalities, their interests and what they are looking forward to doing this year.

As mentioned in the outline for September, we began our week by familiarizing ourselves with “Les Attentes de Mlle. Lyons” (The Expectation of Mlle. Lyons). With their homeroom teacher students discussed the rules of the classroom and the school, while also learning and understanding the expectations that I have for them during our 40 minutes together each day. I have attached a copy of “Les Attentes” here (if you scroll to the bottom of the document, I have also provided the expectations in English). If you have a chance, it might be helpful to ask your child what each of their teachers expect of them while they are learning and at school.

Also mentioned in the outline for September, we began working on “Le Projet d’un Mot” (The One Word Project). As discussed in my introduction letter, it is important to me and my teaching philosophy that my students think, set and work towards individual goals throughout the school year. This helps students build resilience, leadership qualities and accountability. By establishing goals for the year, students are taking an active role in their learning and their personal growth. As a class we came up with different goals that students might have for themselves for the school year. We then brainstormed words that could represent these goals (actif, positif, ami, gentil etc.,). Students then each picked what their word for the year will be. Students are tasked with creating a small art project where they creatively write their word and then find different ways to represent their word, through images (ex. gentil- image of someone holding a door, examples of kind words etc.)

While students are working on these projects, I have recorded what their word and goal is for the year in order to check in with them later in the year!

We will continue to work on the art portion of this project when we head into the new week and the grade 4-6 will also be adding a written component to this project as well. Take a look below at some of the ideas that students came up with together! I can’t wait to see their finished projects next week!

Passer un week-end fantastique!

Mlle. Lyons

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