Sunflowers, Blow Paint & Bugs- Oh My!

We had a crazy week! And by crazy, I mean busy. Jump Rope for Heart, Jumbo Sale and lots of new activities, the students were so busy! As reported last week, on Friday we planted our sunflower seeds so we were excited to check out their progress when we got back to school on Monday. Students worked hard throughout the week recording their observations, watering them daily and comparing each plant’s progress to others.


With plants comes….. Bugs! We have started exploring the functions and jobs of different bugs. We read a fun story about ants, watched videos and learned all about an array of different backyard critters. We compared which kinds of bugs had similar jobs and family make up.

Keeping our bug theme going we made…. Ladybugs! This craft required a black marker, red paint, googley eyes, red construction paper and glue!


After we created our lady bugs, the students participated in a fun STEM activity. Miss. Lyons explained to the class that the lady bugs were sad that they didn’t had a bed to sleep in at night. So all students were given a cup or bowl of a differing size and 3 different sets of materials. Using these materials, students had to make the ladybug sit on top of cup (not turning the cup over) using the materials. Once they successfully built their first bed, Miss. Lyons began giving them challenges: “use only paper”, “use only pipecleaners” etc., It was so fun to watch how each student interpreted this challenge and all of their different creations!

Lastly, with having such amazing weather to finish off our week, we took to the outdoors to participate in some fun blow paint art! Their art work turned out amazingly!

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