Nature Scavenger Hunt

We had such a great day today! It was the most beautiful weather this morning so we definitely took advantage of it! We began our day by going on a nature scavenger hunt. Students were divided up into 7 teams and given a carton filled with objects found in our field. As a team, students had to go and find the same objects and add them to the their cartons. Students worked very hard & well together and loved getting to explore their playground. Miss. Lyons just wishes that she had remembered to take her allergy medicine this morning…. there was A LOT of sneezing!

Once we found all of our objects we headed back into the classroom to investigate, observe and talk about our discoveries. Here, we talked about what each item was (in French and English), we talked about their descriptive features (hard, soft, small, prickly etc.,). Then, we started to compare some of the SAME objects; this encouraged us to practice our math language! “Ce rocher est plus gros que ce rocher.”, “Cette roche est plus petite que cette roche”. We also worked on ordering our items from smallest to biggest!

We didn’t stop there! We then used our findings to make art! We squished our weeds, dandelions, wood etc, to use their natural ink to make unique pieces of art! These amazing art creations will be going up on display on our bulletin board outside our classroom tomorrow! Can you believe all of this learning came from a simple nature scavenger hunt?! Science, math, art- oh my!

We certainly had a fun filled and busy day! There is so much learning happening and investigations underway. We can’t wait for tomorrow to keep growing our brains!

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