Flowers in KJSC

Hi there!

If this is your first time stopping by here, I am going to guess that you are following along because I am now your child’s Kindergarten teacher! Myself and the school sent home a newsletter yesterday offering a little insight as to who I am, my background, how to contact me and my teaching philosophy. As mentioned in my newsletter, I will be updating this space with our activities and what we are getting up to throughout the week, regularly. So, if you’re keen to know what your little munchkins are spending their days doing, check in here!

With the beautiful weather welcoming us, we decided that we should bring that into our classroom! We now have our own flower shop up and running where we can explore different kinds of flowers, sort and count different variations and exercise our bouquet designing skills!

Our centres are also beginning to reflect these interests! From writing to math, from painting to science, we have some pretty fun activities up our sleeves! We are going to be exploring the outdoors; how do plants grow? what kinds of bugs and insects are in our environment? Tomorrow we will be going on a nature scavenger hunt in our big field and later in the week we will be planting our own sunflowers! We will watch our sunflowers grow, observe, notice and record their changes and then bring them home at the end of the year!

I have included some of our Design plans that we have created so far! Students chose if they wanted to design a bouquet, yard, vase or garden. I love seeing how each child sees their bouquet/yard/vase/garden and how they are so different from their peers! Do you see your little one’s artwork? Check back soon for more fun!



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