Think It Through: Fall Owls

“Whooo” likes owls?! We do! See what I did there? Whoooo- like an owl? Gosh, I crack myself up!

With the changing seasons comes new animals and habitats to explore! I decided to try out the makings of an owl for this weeks Think it Through activity. As with all think it through activities, we began with going over the steps to creating our baby owls.


I will say that the pumpkin activity proved to be more clear when it came to the finished product but in all honesty, that’s not the point! The point is for students to exercise their independence and begin strengthening their cognitive skills when it comes to interpreting information.



I find this activity so powerful. Again, it works on establishing and growing those important skills but it creates an environment where students can feel confident in practicing. By not having a model to refer to and only a set of instructions, this eliminates the common concern of doing something the right or wrong way. This activity helps to solidify the mentality that there are many ways to do the same thing and many ways to interpret information.



I absolutely love how our Think It Through wall is looking right now! On to the next… what will it be?!


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