Letter Dunk!

Thinking up and creating new centres is one of my favourite parts of kindergarten! Kindergarten is built upon inquiry and play based learning, where centres are created and introduced based on the interests of the students in the class. The reading level in our kindergarten classroom varies. There are a few students who are already reading books, some who are actually at the higher grade 1 reading level, while some students are still struggling with letter recognition. It’s great to see that students are wanting to learn to read and learn their letters!

I found myself inclined to create a centre that merged students love for games and hands on activities along with literacy skills. I had seen a number game that used the some of the same materials as this activity and it inspired me to create a centre that worked in a similar capacity.

Knowing that I would need a good amount of egg cartons, I tasked my partner with making sure to save all the cartons after he finished them! I used one 18 carton and one 12 carton to create ONE letter dunk game. I painted them a fun and bright colour and then hot glued them together. After, I printed enough letters, both upper and lower case letters to fit into the carton and hot glued them into each space!


There are many ways to cater to the different literacy levels within the class. For students who are just beginning their literacy journey, have them toss the ping pong ball into the carton. Then, have them find the letter that their ball fell in on the colouring sheet and have them colour it in.


For students who are more advanced in their literacy skills, give them 20 turns and have them record each letter that they think. At the end of their 20 turns, ask them to try and make a word with some of the letters they sank.


This game also works as a great form of assessment; working with a student one-on-one, have students orally identify the letters that they sink. This will help you gauge where the student is at in their letter recognition and competency!


This centre has been a hit! Have you tried something similar before? I would love to hear your ideas!



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