“Sky Colour” Imagination & Art Activity

I have always been a big fan of the books by Peter H. Reynolds. If you teach in an elementary school I highly doubt that you have never read “The Dot”. Many of my kinder students had read that particular book, so I decided to try out “Sky Colour”.

Sky Colour is about a girl name Marisol who is a great artist! Her class is tasked with creating a mural and she decides to paint the sky. But when she goes to begin, she realizes that there is no blue paint… How can she paint the sky without blue paint?

Marisol goes home and notices that at different times of the day, the sky changes colours… Blue, orange, purple, black, grey…. Hmmm…

Marisol goes to school the next day with a renewed ambition and she raced for the paints and began mixing every colour! The sky she paints is every colour! When her classmate asks her, “What colour is THAT?”, Marisol responds, “THAT is Sky Colour!”. 

As a class, we began talking about how things can look differently to each of us! Whether it is the sky, the ocean or even…. our problems! But what we learned was that there is no ONE right way to paint the sky, the ocean etc., and there is no ONE right way to solve a problem.

The students were then given the opportunity to create their own sky! Using (precut/rationed) tissue paper of many different colours, students made a sky collage. Each student’s creation was wonderful and drastically different, but none the less, a sky!


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