Measurement Station

Just like you, I am constantly thinking up new centres to bring into the kindergarten classroom. Being that we are talking a little bit about measurement this week, I thought that this station would be perfect! I actually was shown this centre in one of my education classes at the university. I loved how it incorporated hands on activities, small motor skills and math all in one! There is room for a lot of variety in this station. Here are different ways that you can explore measurement in this station:

  • Predict which design is the longest and shortest
  • Cut a string the same length as each design that you have created. Put all of the strings together and have students decide which string belongs to which design.
  • With the matching string stationed at each design, have students string on as many beads to each string as possible. Which string/design has more beads? Which string/design has less?
  • Using stacking cubes, line them up on the tape of the design. How many cubes did it take to complete the design? Which design had the most cubes? Which cube has the least?

How else could you explore measurement with this station? Have you tried similar stations? I’d love to hear about them!


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