Thank you for taking the time to visit my little online hub! Allow me to begin by introducing myself, I’m Melissa; a 2nd year P/J Teacher Candidate at the University of Ottawa. This space is meant to be used as a public venue that is not only informative but strives to inspire. Whether you are fellow teacher candidate looking to compare experiences, a primary/junior teacher looking for fresh new ideas, a parent searching for creative ways to educationally connect with your children, or an employer looking to get to know me and my capabilities; this space will colourfully provide you with all of that!

If you are curious as to why I chose to be a primary/junior teacher, click here, where I have written a whole blog post about it!

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by! I encourage you to get nosey with this space, explore all of the pages and dive into the posts!


“Teaching is a deeply intimate profession in which lives overlap and touch each other and where [teachers] carry the important narratives of children and their families”- Betsy Reilly


Photo: School Girl Style here